Adenosine Heart Pause On EKG

The lovely adenosine heart pause. I did this just the other day. Rates of 160 and then Bam.  Not any more.  Here's my own adenosine heart pause tonight.
Nurse:  Dr Happy, the patient's heart just sped up into the 170's. 
Happy:  Get an EKG.....five minutes passes.  That looks like SVT.  Lets get 12 mg of adenosine please.
Nurse:  Teaching nursing student about adenosine while she pushes it.  Tells patient, "You're going to feel funny".  Pushes adenosine
Patient: Takes gasping breath of death.
Happy:  That's got to be the longest 10 seconds of  his life.
That's 49 big boxes on the telemetry strip  without a QRS complex.  At 0.2 milliseconds per big box, that's just under ten seconds without ventricular contraction.  This adenosine heart pause has got to be the longest 10 seconds of his life.   But it worked.  You've got to have balls of steel and a faith in cardiac conduction physiology to wait that out.

That's what a hospitalist does on their night shift.  (See below for a stock example of an adenosine pause)


Ever wonder what a 27 second pause looks like?  Look no further.

If you want the Bible on rapidly learning EKGs, I suggest you purchase Dale Dubin's Rapid Interpretation of EKGs.  Make sure to view other  other educational EKGs.

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