5 Pack A Day Smoker! Wow!

So how much does your wife smoke, sir. "5 packs a day", he says. I was shocked. 5 packs a day? How can anyone possibly breath through that? I wondered how anyone could afford a five pack per day habit. With the prices and taxes rising rapidly, smoking this much is like a  mortgage payment every month. So I asked them how they afford to pay for this habit.

"I roll them for her", he said.  My mind was still turning. I had no idea people did this. I asked him how long it takes him to role a pack of cigarettes.  "I can roll a carton in two hours."  And of course I had to know how much a pack of rolled cigarettes costs.  "$1", he said with a smile.

I have to give them credit for being resourceful. This is devotion.  Let's look at the math. Five packs a day.  That's one hundred cigarettes a day. Let's assume she sleeps six hours a day without waking up for a smoke. That leaves 18 hours a day. That's 1080 minutes of awake time per day. That's one cigarette every 10.8 minutes, assuming of course she isn't doubling up.  Imagine how much money could have been saved by trying Chantix.  This is definitely one for my record book

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