"I'm Thinking About Cutting Off My Balls." You're Not Alone!

If one day you wake up and find yourself with the thought:  I'm thinking about cutting off my balls.  Just remember, you're not alone.  Apparently there are men out there who do.  And like all good scientists do, they study it.  And they report it.  From the Journal of Sexual Medicine, the inquisitive mind learns that many men have extreme castration ideations.  I personally have never met such a man.  But these researchers have apparently been able to find enough of them to publish a study.

What they found was 731 individuals who responded to a survey posted on http://www.eunuch.org.  They called those who responded "wannabes".  Then they compared the responses of these "wannabes" with 92 men who were voluntarily castrated.  Again, I've never met such a man, but apparently there are at least 92 of them out there.

What were the results?  20% of the wannabes were at "great risk" of genital mutilation.  19% have attempted self castration, but only 10% have sought medical assistance.   I'm not going to debate the math but we are told at the end that physicians need to be aware of males who have strong desires for emasculation.  I've got to admit, I'm not even sure how I would bring it up in conversation.  Perhaps I should just come right out and say it.
"Have you ever felt like cutting off your balls?"
Now I just need to figure out whether to ask this during the HPI or during the physical exam.

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4 Outbursts:

  1. Add it to the question we are supposed to ask: "Do you prefer sex with men, women, or both?"

  2. When I was an intern, one of my fellow interns during our ER rotation evaluated an elderly man for testicular pain. Because his testicles "hung too low" during the summer, he bought a bull castration kit, tied them on, waited a day and cut them off. I guess he didn't wait long enough and per my fellow interns report, cut through the testicles as well and had fairly severe pain. I can only imagine. I just wonder if he ever tried briefs.

  3. This is so very odd. So I had to share the link on FB of course.

  4. Well here goes, I am a male to female transexual women. Been living full time for the past 7 years now. I being trying to save the money for srs, but the money is not coming.so I been thinking of this for a long time. Just not sure how to do it with out killing myself. Or anything else that woild come close to that.


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