Do Doctors And Lawyers Smoke Marijuana (Weed)? What Do You Think?

Do doctors and lawyers smoke pot? For some, the answer is yes.   When I was a medical student some of my classmates where daily smokers of pot. Day after day after day. These are now your surgeons, your radiologists, your family practice docs. They are everywhere.  These are bright, intelligent folks who made it through the incredible rigors of Hell and back. And they turned out just fine.

 I believe that folks should be able to smoke what ever they want. The irrational criminalization of a weed that has been smoked for thousands of years does nothing but create criminals. If you want to make any mind altering drug illegal, perhaps we should criminalize exercise, an activity that gives a mind altering high on a regular basis. How about chocolate, which gives many depressed folks a food high.

The arbitrary criminalization of a drug has done nothing be drive a generation underground and behind bars needs to end. It's time to stop spending my tax dollars on creating criminals just so we can make them dependents of the state.    What would you think if your doctor smoked weed?

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12 Outbursts:

  1. I believe that folks should be able to smoke what ever they want.Dr. Happy, is that you??

    What would you think if your doctor smoked weed?I would think he needed to read a little more of that post:
    If I take a little puff on a Friday, I will produce sub-par work for the rest of the weekend. If I actually get "stoned," I notice my mental capacity is diminished for at least ten days. My answers in class become ordinary. I reason through dense material more slowly. I get that "I wish I had thought of that at the time" feeling more often because I fall into rhetorical traps of law school discourse regularly. If I smoked pot within the last seven days, I will get outwitted by people who I know I could keep up with otherwise.

  2. Pot is a sticky wicket. Much of the impetus to criminlize it came from a place of racism and economics and not health issues.
    It does have obvious health risks.For example, one joint=ten cigarettes. For some people it can have severely adverse psychiatric reactions but you could say that about any legal psychotropic med.
    I think between knee jerk reactions and sensational journalism, it's hard to seperate the wheat from the chaff on its use. I think most research into pot is agenda driven, either pro or con, so I think it's difficult to find hard scientific data on how benign or harmful it is.
    Some people can engage soley in its recreational use and others can't. But you could say that of alcohol too.
    So would I want a pot smoking doc? Not if he toked up before coming into the examining room. But I also wouldn't want him doing a jager bomb either.
    So what I would be interested in would be a physician that cared enough to be alert and functional at work and not what he did on his day off. I like happy hour but not right before I go to work.

  3. How is one joint worse than ten cigarettes? I'm just curious.

  4. carciogenic effects of inhaling very irritating substance...since people hold their breaths to enhance the high, it increases the time the lungs are exposed to the irritant.

  5. If a doctor is under the influence while working, they should be punished/arrested (as should anyone else in a life-or-death role). Same as if they are under the influence of anything else. Seriously, the drugs are widely used as is and you can't test your doctor to prove they were under the influence, what do we do now when doctors are high?

    Alternatively, hospitals could give mandatory random drug tests to anyone working in their hospital, for pot and for alcohol. Might be a good idea anyway, honestly.

    If they are just hung over and a little foggy, I doubt it's much worse than a resident working off 2 hours of sleep.

    Still, that doesn't address the central question. OBVIOUSLY doctors shouldn't be working when high, drunk, whatever. Doesn't mean pot shouldn't be legal-- doctors shouldn't be working while drunk and alcohol is still legal. I'd never do it myself but I have no objection to decriminalizing it to save the government time and money spent on stupid drug charges.

    BUT-- "a weed that has been smoked for thousands of years" is not an argument! You know what else was done for thousands of years? Trepanation to let out demons. Argue it based on the modern evidence showing it's not that dangerous, not the fact that people have doing it for a long time, because people have done lots of really dangerous shit for thousands of years.

  6. I'm OK with a little dope smoking as a youth, but I think as one moves into grown-upness that it's something that should fade.

    It is illegal, it's not good for your lungs and you can blot out your brain cells with other things anyway.

  7. "carciogenic effects of inhaling very irritating substance...since people hold their breaths to enhance the high, it increases the time the lungs are exposed to the irritant."

    There has not been one study that has shown a clear link between marijuana and lung or head and neck cancer or COPD for that matter.

  8. well actually google lung ca and pot...first line says does, second line says doesn't so on and so on. Common sense would make me fall on the side of it being carciogenic...lungs were not made to be exposed to smoke no matter what kind. Data has to be sketchy anyway, the initial large group of people smoking are finally reaching ages where lung diseases will start to really present. So there's probably no good study out there yet.

  9. i know a doctor who smokes put. i would like to know if i need to report that ?

  10. wtf..who the fuck cares if anyone smokes especccially doctors, as long as they know their shit who cares. and if yall smoked weed yall would know u build up an immunity n u cant get "stoned" youll get high., also its a fact you can drive 97909870 times better blazzed

  11. you're all fucking retarded if you think anything you've said about cannabis is true.

  12. Hahahahahaha. 9 days after smoking you still feel stupid? It's all in your head man. Weed stops having any affect on me after a few hours. I feel perfectly sober if I go to work at 5 after smoking at 12. I also don't see why it's something that one should "grow out of". Why should I? It's a part of my life I enjoy, and it doesn't negatively affect other parts of my life. Unless I have a major change of heart (which may happen, you never know), weed is going to be a part of my life for many years to come, and if I need to quit for a few months to pass a drug test in med school then so be it. Doctors should be allowed to ingest whatever mind altering substances they want on their time off as long as the acute psychoactive effects of the drug are long gone when they walk in the clinic.


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