What Kind Of Doctor Should I Be? Take The Test!

 If you're in medical school or you want to go to medical school, learn what kind of doctor you should be.  Take the Medical Specialty Aptitude Test.  It turns out I should have been an occupational medicine doc.  Here's my ranking of specialties I should have been.
1.  occupational
2.  aerospace
3.  nuclear
4.  pulmonology
5.  nephrology
6.  rheumatology
7.  anesthesiology
8.  preventive
9.  pathology
10.  radiology
11.  thoracic surgery
12.  neurology
13.  ophthalmology
14.  radiation oncology
15.  dermatology
16.  infectious disease
17.  neurosurgery
18.  psychiatry
19.  otolaryngology
20.  allergy and immunology
21.  med oncology
22.  plastic surgery
23.  physical med and rehabilitation
24.  urology
25.  hematology
26.  endocrinology
27.  emergency
28.  colon and rectal surgery
29.  cardiology
30.  gastroenterology
31.  orthopaedics
32.  pediatrics
33.  general surgery
34.  obstetrics
35.  general internal medicine
36.  family practice

Number 35 on the list is my internal medicine!  I guess answering that I have no desire to follow patients long term  and that I like a fixed schedule and that I like math really skews the data.  Or maybe I just messed up big time! Although I have to agree with family practice being last on my list.  A family medicine turned plastic surgeon described family medicine to me once as slow suicide.  I have to kind of agree with him.  

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8 Outbursts:

  1. floor nurse here..took it for fun and number one was er doc..since i have the attention span of a gnat and get bored easily what does that say????

  2. So...just no real desire to connect? With "strangers", that is.

  3. Heh. My tops would be radiology and pathology. ER was dead last.

    (I'm an OR nurse, can you tell?)

  4. Test told me to do either ID or hematology. I guess I would have still done the right residency if I'd listened.

    Can't imagine being anything but a hospitalist after 10 years...

  5. damn.I always had a nagging feeling that I should have done GI (#3).Now I know why...

  6. GI or derm #1? I must be very lazy,very boring, or both..

  7. Told me to be an Orthopod. I think that explains a lot.

  8. you can also be a surgen lol but by the way i think thats a right information what i was looking for and thanx bii


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