Italian Greyhounds and Seizures With Our Two Iggys.

My wife and I walked into our house last night to the most horrible site I have ever seen.  We have two Italian greyhounds, Marty and Cooper.  Our Cooper, the grey Italian greyhound, was thrashing around.  He couldn't stand.  He was flipping himself upside down.  His eyes were starting to bulge.  He was thrashing.  We were horrified.  I thought he was having a seizure at first.  I grabbed him to protect him.  He was flipping himself upside down and landing on his back.

I was horrified.  I was holding him still,  trying to figure out what was going on.  He wasn't rigid, like a seizure would suggest.  He looked like he was about to die.  Something just hit me.  I grabbed his  jaws.  Opened his mouth and swept my finger into the back of his throat.  All of the sudden I hear a very faint audible upper airway wheeze.

I think he was choking.  I didn't feel anything.  But he started breathing again.   For about two minutes he was scared.  Then he was himself.  Running around and playing.  As if nothing happened.   He had no postictal state Italian greyhound are prone to seizures and hypoglycemia. He had never had either one. The fact that he improved with a finger sweep makes me think he was choking.    I don't know why I did it.  

I just did.  We're just glad he's better.  It's almost 2013 now,  almost five years later, and our little Cooper still has little seizures every now and then.  That's what this even was, in retrospect.  A little seizure.  We have never medicated them.  He seems to have minimal symptoms and tolerates them quite well.  And he's still his playful little self.
Fast forward a few months to Marty's experience.  It was a shock. Our little Marty (he's the white one) had a seizure last night. It was the middle of the night and I felt him start to tense up while sleeping next to me. He's never done that before. I turned on the light and there he was. Stiff and shaking. Our buddy Cooper (the grey one) has had three or four seizures this year (new onset as well). It's always sad to watch. Cooper had labs drawn this year and everything was fine. The vet told us no treatment was necessary unless the seizures became quite frequent.

Our poor babes seem to be quite scared after their ordeals. They are very hesitant to walk or even move. We thought maybe the seizures were being set off by hypoglycemia. Seizures and low blood sugar can run in Italian Greyhounds.

But both dogs came from completely different bloodlines. So we were shocked when Marty had his. He's always been our tough little Princess. When Marty had his episode last night, we ran to get a cookie snack for him thinking he might have a low blood sugar. I don't want to make light of the situation but you have to know our little Marty to understand. He has a little pea brain. As soon as food is introduced into his equation, all awareness of his surroundings disappear. He is fully focused with all his energies on eating that morsel of food.

So we gave him a cookie last night. While he was shaking/seizing he ate quickly and methodically. No matter what was happening to him, he made dang sure that cookie got devoured. Here he is. Body stiff and shaking and he's chomping away on a cookie. Once finished his unsteady gait lasted a few more minutes and then he was back to normal.

First Cooper. Now Marty. They are both about five years old. We love them dearly. We hope there isn't something bad in their brains. What would be the chances they both had something bad. We hope it's just epilepsy and that it doesn't progress in frequency. That would just break our hearts.



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9 Outbursts:

  1. Oh how we love our animals. They really are a part of the family!

  2. Wish you all the best. They're so cute.

  3. What a scary thing to wake up to. Hope Marty is feeling better today, hang in there.

  4. Poor sweet babies. They are such adorable puppies. I would recommend lots of love and snuggling (for Marty and Cooper, that is) but it looks like you and Mrs. Happy have that covered.

    Hope Marty feels better soon.

  5. Poor pups, send them some hugs from me..and yourself too.

  6. Oh, Dr. Happy, not our Marty! How very scary. I adore your doggies, and I pop by often just to look at their sweet pictures. I will be praying that all is well with both Marty and Cooper, and they won't experience anything like this again.

    Love, Laura

  7. hope it was a fluke....

    well wishes to the pups


  8. :( that made me pick up my little guy and hug him.

    best of luck to marty and cooper.

  9. Thanks all for your kind words. The little ding dong is doing fine. Hopefully it stays like that.


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