Green Goddess Medication Formula Defined: What Did You Say Was In It?

The Green Goddess wears many hats.  The Green Goddess is made by dropping grenadine into a mixture of Midori liqueur, light rum and lemon juice.  The Green Goddess is an interior foliage landscaping company.  The Green Goddess is a salad dressing.  The Green Goddess is an old silent movie, not once, but twice.  The Green Goddess is a blog.  The Green Goddess is a book.  The Green Goddess is a play.  The Green Goddess is a potato salad, as seen on Oprah.  The Green Goddess is a flower, a pretty one at that.  The Green Goddess is a cafe in Vermont.  The Green Goddess is a sleep system.  The Green Goddess is a MySpace page.  The Green Goddess is a Suzanne Somers marquise ring (what doesn't she have).  The Green Goddess is a detox drink.  The Green Goddess is an architect.  The Green Goddess is an eggplant.  The Green Goddess is a plant rental store in Hawaii.  The Green Goddess is a cruise ship.  The Green Goddess is even a fire engine.

But did you know that the Green Goddess is a doctors best friend. Used in emergency departments and hospitals all across this country.  Also know as the  Green Dragon, she has cured many a noncardiac chest pain with her gentle touch. And she won't take no for an answer. She is a mixture of Maalox 30cc with viscous 2% lidocaine (10 ml) with Donnatal (10cc). One dose is all she needs to work her magic. As a patient, don't be afraid. Accept your Green Goddess with open arms. As a physician, she is your friend. Use her. Abuse her. Treat her like the ED groupie that she is.

What other names does she go by?  According to some readers who left comments below, their local cultures call this the White Knight, The Grasshopper, The Green Lizard and the Pink Lady.  Yes folks, that's how we roll in medicine.

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6 Outbursts:

  1. Around these parts she's called the "Pink Lady"... or the "White Knight" depending on the colour of the Lidocaine. Right now it's bright pink. Don't add too much Lidocaine or you can't feel you're swallowing correctly.

    That is from personal experience!


  2. ha! One of our docs ordered green goddess and we had no idea what he was talking about...googled it and saw all these things! Finally figured it's just called good ol' GI cocktail at our place.

  3. I like to add a little absinthe to mine....

  4. That's information that could come in handy - I've only heard it called GI cocktail (in transcription).

  5. We call it a grasshopper 'round here :)

  6. I've taken the "green lizard" twice in urgent care. The numb throat is freaky. The first time I had gall stones and the second time gastritis.


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