Do Italian Greyhounds Like To Swim? Pictures and Videos!

Marty almost died as a pup when he darted right out into the street. I jumped in front of a car to save him. Little Wal-Marty had tire scuff marks on his fleece pullover. We used to let him wonder free. Until that frightful night. Our poor innocent Marty was innocent no more. From that moment on  little Mart-Mart got leashed 100% of the time. We learned our lesson well.  Unfortunately, our little stinker was still learning his way around life. His pea brain had yet to contemplate shape, form and structure. Way back when, a beautiful walk in the park almost turned into an exercise in puppy CPR. We already knew Marty liked cheese. We also found out two rather important traits that fateful day. One, he can't swim. Two, he loves bread.

Do Italian greyhounds like to swim?  read on!  While feeding the geese at a local pond and park we found ourselves full of joy and excitement. My wife and I starting our lives together with our little Marty Moose. It was a beautiful day. Warm. Sunny. Full of energy. The geese were out in full force. We had loads of bread. Throwing big chunks off the dock jutting several feet above and out into the waters. The geese flapping their wings all around us.

And then the unthinkable happened. Marty jumped in. Like a cannonball. Apparently, in all the excitement, he lost control of his senses and just went for it. He was hunting bread. He quickly found out that he can't swim. He was petrified. Flapping his legs in the water. Trying to hold his head above the water. Most Italian greyhounds don't do well in the water. Small feet. Long legs. I've not known many that could swim. Marty had no boundaries. He had never experienced water before. Certainly, like a little child, he was exploring his surroundings. And he didn't realize that he couldn't swim. I held his head above water by pulling on the leash until I could reach down and grab him.

The poor thing just wanted some bread and he almost died searching for it. I was reminded of this horrible experience today when I heard a noise in the corner. When I went to check it out, I found Marty's mouth clamped down on a giant piece of garlic cheese bread. Cheese and bread.

Well, I accidentally left three pieces of it on the end table a half hour earlier while finishing up a pill of spaghetti. And Marty must have found the loot while I was cleaning the dishes. I grabbed the hunk that remained in his jaws and prevented him from finishing his mid afternoon snack. He must have finished off the other two pieces before I realized what was going on.  I'm sure it must have been his best snack ever.

Most Italian greyhounds hate the water. They can't swim very well either. Their paws are just too small.  But our little Marty often goes nuts when he's hot. Here's a video of him playing in the water after a nice walk on a hot day.  He won't actually swim, but I loves to jump around in the water on a hot day!  It's really cute to watch.


And here's another video of our two little Italian greyhounds playing in  a baby pool and blowing bubbles in our backyard.  Too cute!


And here's a video of him splashing around in a puddle that caught Mrs Happy and I by surprise after several days of very heavy thunderstorms.  He was going nuts.  I missed the first half of his spaz out moment.  But this is still classic Marty in action.  Make sure to see all of Marty and Cooper's beautiful and funny  Italian greyhound content!

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4 Outbursts:

  1. Huh, you learn something new every day. I assumed all dogs could swim.

    Our cocker spaniel, Murray, is dumb as a box of hammers, but we love him anyway.

  2. Bad, bad puppy! Just a little assive from a dog lover. Be sure and watch him for a bowel blockage. Depending on how large those giant pieces of bread were, dogs are pretty susceptible to this. We almost lost a dog to this, he actually had to had a bowel resection due to a necrotic bowel caused by a blockage. It was a very expensive lesson that he didn't tolerate his love of bagels.

  3. I think with these skinny little guys that hypothermia sets in almost as soon as they hit the water which doesn't help with the swimming either.

  4. I'll have to remember this in the future for my little Iggy. Your dogs are precious.

    I just discovered your blog today. It's fascinating. From a patient's (with a chronic condition) POV, I have a hard time understanding some of it, but it really makes me aware of things I should be doing to protect myself and make myself healthy.


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