Ebola Virus Humor Memes and Stories.

I know it's hard to imagine that something as awful as Ebola virus could be funny.  Well, it's true.  The Happy Hospitalist has created a collection of mostly original Ebola humor content that can't be found anywhere else on the internet, except on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.  This humor is not meant to make light of the devastating disease and morbidity this virus has brought upon hundreds of West African natives and a couple of white Americans.  That pain and suffering is fully understood and appreciated.

We're all in this together, except for those in isolation.  They're in it alone.  Let's not hemorrhage our self respect and flame others for making light of such a terrible situation.  If you don't find this kind of sick, dark humor enjoyable, I ask that you please stop reading now and go here instead.  For those of you looking for some good ol' fashioned humor, I present to you The Happy Hospitalist Ebola Humor Meme and Story Collection!

"One does not simply observe Ebola."

One does not simply observe Ebola humor meme photo

"What if I told you Ebola has an ICD-10 code."

What if i told you ebola has an ICD-10 code humor meme photo.

"Orthopedic Surgeon operates on Ebola patient.  Estimates blood loss at only 5 RBCs."


"I don't always treat patient with Ebola. But when I do, I look it up on Google."

I don'tt always treat patients with Ebola virus, ,but when I do I look it up on Google humor meme photo.

"Prepare yourself. Ebola has gone viral!"

Prepare yourself.  Ebola has gone viral! photo goneviral_zps236e2fa5.jpg

Facebook Humor:
  • A Fox News study reported today has confirmed that most Americans blame Obamacare for the Ebola virus. The New York Times was unable to replicate the study.
  • Ebola vaccine at least 50 white people away -- The Onion
  • Should you be worried about Ebola?  A helpful chart.
Continue to checking in for updates to this entry for more Ebola humor stories and memes.

This post is for entertainment purposes only. It contains humor that may only be understood by some healthcare professionals. Read at your own risk.

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