Diabetes Humor Meme Collection.

From the what will they think of next file comes word that one shoe company is looking to expand their market share by entering the  custom diabetic shoe market. But not just any old garden variety diabetic shoe.  They're looking to corner the uncontrolled diabetic shoe market.  That's right folks.  The uncontrolled diabetic promises to bankrupt ObamaCare while making many shoe company investors filthy rich.  With promotions like 10% off per missing toe, I'm sure this company  will be the leading manufacturer of amputation footwear in no time at all.  Most diabetics I see in the hospital have no business wearing normal shoes.  They need custom made footwear to tell the world just how noncompliant they have been with their diabetes over the years.   Many diabetics defiantly refuse to take care of themselves and want the world to know just how much power they have to manage their own affairs.  After days of intense market research, The Happy Hospitalist has teamed up with diabetic footwear manufacturers all across the country to bring the specialized uncontrolled diabetic shoe to market.  This is the chance many patients have been waiting for.  No longer must they hide their toe amputations in shame.  Here you are America.  The shoe you've all been waiting for.   Oh, and I forgot.  For those especially poorly controlled diabetics with above or below the knee amputations,  this shoe can also be purchased as a single shoe as well.  Now THAT's thinking outside the shoebox.

"Custom footwear.  For that special uncontrolled diabetic in your life."

And here's a few original Happy Hospitalist ecards about the ravaging side effects diabetes.

"While smoking may be expensive, it's really your diabetes that has cost you a leg and leg."

While smoking may be expensive, it's really your diabetes that has cost you a leg and a leg ecard humor photo.

"Whomever said time heals all wounds has never me the wounds on my patients.  They're nasty."

Whomever said time heals all wounds has never met the wounds on my patients.  They're nasty nursing ecard humor photo.

"Where I come from we have two treatments for diabetes:  metformin and extended release metformin.  If I can't spell the damn drug, I ain't writing for it."

Two treatments for diabetes metformin and extra strength metformin ecard humor

"Vascular surgery diabetes management:  It's stumping..."

Vascular surgery diabetes management stumping ecard humor

"No shirt.  No shoes.  No service.  Oh.  Unless you're an amputee."

No shirt.  No shoes.  No service.  Oh, unless you're an amputee ER diabetes ecard humor photo. Medical Humor Store Banner

"Diabetes.  Give it an inch and it will take a foot."

Diabetes.  Give it an inch and it will take a foot ecard humor photo 3aa12df1-f0ee-4dcc-9a57-d2c7d27da44a_zpsf48922d0.jpg Medical Humor Store Banner

"DM 1. We have the DNA to leave AMA with our AKA and our DKA"

DM 1. We have the DNA to leave AMA with our AKA and our DKA

"Diabetes Management: Sometimes it's just nerve-wrecking."

Diabetes Management:  Sometimes it's just nerve-wrecking ecard humor meme photo.

This post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a healthcare profession. Read at your own risk.

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