Dirtiest Place In the Hospital Discovered! (Picture Proof)

What's the dirtiest place in the hospital you ask?   Is it the GI lab with their colonoscopy equipment and their c diff?  Nope.  Is it the OR with their vomiting bowel obstructions and their bloody gunshot wound victims?  Nope.  Is it the operating room with their total colectomies and their spurting arteries?  Nope.  How about the bronchosopy lab with all that MRSA colonization and gobs of spit.  Nope.  The cath lab?  The radiology area?  The dialysis unit?  Nope, nope and nope.  How about the cafeteria?  Restaurants have been known to get pretty messy bend the scenes.  Is the cafeteria the dirtiest place in the hospital?  Nope. Then it has got to be the patient's room with all their friends and family turning it into a private hotel suite.  Nope, its not the patient's room.   And it's not the nurses station or the doctor's lounge or the laboratory break room.

Then what could possibly be the dirtiest place in  a hospital you ask?  It's the tip of the spout on the hospital coffee machines.      It's no wonder the coffee police won't let you have food or drink at the nurse's station anymore.  Do you wonder why everyone has MRSA these days? It's because everyone's coffee is infected with disease from dirty hospital coffee machine spouts.  A reader provided me with these pictures of their coffee spout and coffee pot  heaters.   If you're a patient or a family member and you ask your nurse for coffee, don't say The Happy Hospitalist didn't warn you.  Better drive down the street and bring back some Starbucks coffee in a box instead!  Or leave AMA, get some hot coffee at the local McDonald's and then come back demanding to be checked in to your same room before dinner is served.  



This post is for entertainment purposes only and likely contains humor only understood by those in a health care profession. Read at your own risk.

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